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Invest in companies and SMEs carefully selected by our specialists. Contribute to improving the business fabric while obtaining economic benefits.

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Types of crowdlending projects

Investments in companies and SMEs can be of 3 types

French Type or Constant Odds

Each month you will get an installment with an interest part and a capital amortization part. The fees are always the same amount.

American type

You will charge interest throughout the length of the loan and, at the end, the capital is returned.

It consists of installments composed entirely of interest and a final installment in which the total amortization is made.

Bullet type

All principal and interest will be received at the end of the loan.

Guaranteed Loans

Those who are covered by an Mutual Guarantee Society that would take charge of the loan payment in case of non-payment.

How crowdlending works

Invest in a project OF A COMPANY

Invest in a project of a company or SME that fits your risk profile and duration.


Receive the return on your investment

Your investment generates income through regular or one-off installments, depending on the type of project.


Withdraw the money to your account or reinvest it

You can withdraw the money to your bank account or reinvest it to generate more returns.

0% no commissions for investors

You can start investing from 20

Socilen PFP SL is an Authorized Participatory Financing Platform, regulated and registered with the CNMV with registration number 9

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What they say about our Crowdlending projects

“It is exciting to be able to generate income while helping the country’s business fabric.”
Maria Mercedes Saavedra (Community Manager)

“It offers all the necessary information to guide those of us who are not professional investors.”
Sergi Pedraza (Personal trainer)

“They publish many projects and very different ones. Some of them very innovative.”
Luz Gordillo (Anthropologist)