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It invests in real estate projects, loans to SMEs and renewable energies. Join our community of more than 50,000 users and start making your money profitable.

Average return 9,74%*


No commissions for the investor


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*Historical data does not guarantee future returns.

The best projects to invest

Every day we receive dozens of projects, but we only make the best ones available to you.

Real estate projects

For those who seek security in their investments.

Sustainable Projects and Renewable Energies

For those who seek to care for the environment.

Small and medium businesses

For those who seek to support the business fabric.

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Do you have a project for your company and need financing?

If you want to develop a project for your company, a renewable energy project or a real estate project, apply here for the financing that will allow you to carry it out. The Socilen team will analyze its viability and make it available to thousands of investors.

From 4.00% NIR

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About Us

Socilen PFP S.L. was created in 2014 with the idea of ​​offering an attractive alternative for investors. It is a Participatory Financing Platform authorized and registered with the CNMV with registration number 9.

Continuous innovation is in our genes. We believe that a Fin-Tech company only has a reason for being if it adopts the philosophy of change and continuous improvement. For us, innovation is not the goal, it is the way.

50.000 users

170 financial projects

9% average return

99% of investors make money

Historical data does not guarantee future returns.

What they say about us

“Socilen allows me to diversify my investments and does not charge me a single commission.” 

Álvaro Gil Ramos (Entrepreneur)

“I choose the risk I want to take and the return I want to obtain, without moving from my home.”
Paula Velasco Guerrero (Administrative)

“There is a wide variety of projects in which to invest: From the purchase, reform and sale of an apartment; to the installation of solar panels; or projects for the development of small businesses.”
Sara Leal Castaño (Graphic designer)