Invest in Renewable Energies

And Sustainable Projects

Obtain returns by investing in Sustainable Projects and Renewable Energies: solar parks, wind energy, charging facilities for electric cars, and much more. Take care of the environment while achieving economic benefits.

Average return 9,74%*


No commissions for the investor


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*Historical data does not guarantee future returns.

Types of sustainable projects

Investments in renewable energies can be of 2 types

Fixed Rate

You receive the interest set at the opening of the project, regardless of the profitability of the project.

That is, the promoter will pay investors interest, without taking into account the profitability of the project.

Variable Rate

During the stipulated period, investors will be paid a return linked to the net profit from the sale of energy.

How to invest in Renewable Energies

Invest in a project

Obtain participations in sustainable projects with great potential.


Receive the return on your investment

Your investment generates income, whether fixed or variable.


Withdraw the money to your account or reinvest it

You can withdraw the money to your bank account or reinvest it to generate more returns.

0% no commissions for the investor

You can start investing from 20

Socilen PFP SL is an Authorized Participatory Financing Platform, regulated and registered with the CNMV with registration number 9

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Choose the projects that best suit your profile or your interests.

You can, if you wish, automate your investments so that the system invests in projects with characteristics that you previously define.

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What they say about our sustainable projects

“It is a joy to be able to earn money while contributing to maintaining the environment” 

Raúl Herrera (Professor-Biologist)

“Renewables are the present and the future. I don’t see a better way to make my savings profitable”
Maribel Baeza (Legal consultant)

“There is usually a wide variety of projects, some with really attractive returns”
Irene Pino (Risk analyst)