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Since a 4,00 % Nominal interest rate (4,94% APR)*.

For example, with a loan of €30.000 you´d had a monthly fee of only €552,50 during 5 years.

*Conditions for a 5-year business loan with a solvency level of A1. Nominal rate: 4.00%; APR: 4.94%; Management fee: 2% (minimum €90).




Registration and application is FREE

We do not charge you anything until the loan money is delivered to you. In that case, Socilen will deduct a small commission from the total amount of the same.



Response in less than 48 hours

The process is simple, fast and 100% online. Compare our conditions with those of your bank.

Free Amortizations


Does not compute in the CIRBE


Very advantageous conditions

How to apply for a loan in 4 simple steps

Become a User

You just need an email. It’s FREE, online and very fast.


We calculate your degree of solvency, and we give you in less than 48 hours the necessary information so that you accept or not the loan.


Send us the documentation

We will ask you for some documents to verify the data.

The loan is published and users can now finance it.


Receive your money

And develop your projects.

Without complications!

Advantages of applying for business loans with Socilen

Better conditions than banks

No hidden fees. More flexible, agile and efficient than banks. No bank guarantee is required.


More discretion and independence. Our business loans do not consume your banking risk.


Both partial and total amortization have no cost.

0% no commissions for investors

You can start investing from 20

Do you need financing for your company?

If you need business loans, Socilen can offer you the best conditions. Registration, application and feasibility analysis is completely free.

Give your business a boost with the right financing!

More than 50,000 loan applications received

We have helped more than 100 companies

Simple and transparent process

Do you need a loan for a sustainable project?

If your project is environmentally sustainable, contact us to request a loan.

We have thousands of investors interested in financing your project!

Solar parks

Wind power

Electric car charging facilities

And much more...

Do you need financing for a professional real estate operation?

If you need financing for your real estate project, register now and obtain financing in the best conditions.

Purchase, reform and sale

Buy, rent and sell

Fixed rate loans

About Us

Socilen PFP S.L. was created in 2014 with the idea of ​​offering an attractive alternative for financing companies and SMEs. It is a Participatory Financing Platform authorized and registered with the CNMV with registration number 9.

Continuous innovation is in our genes. We believe that a Fin-Tech company only has a reason for being if it adopts the philosophy of change and continuous improvement. For us, innovation is not the goal, it is the way.

50.000 users

40.000 requested loans

300.000.000 euros requested

What they say about us

“It is a real alternative to bank financing. After having applied for a loan at Socilen, I recommend it without a doubt” 

Leire Tejada (Businesswoman)

“They treated me very well and the interest rates are very competitive”
Cristobal Vera (Environmental engineer)

“Socilen loans do not compute in CIRBE”
Dolores Soria (Interior designer)