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Our mission is becoming a communication system between people and companies needing financing to carry out their projects, and the investors who can help them to achieve their goals. We want to provide citizens with financial power, without the participation of big financing companies.

In addition to this, we´d like to promote the financial culture, which we think it´s essential for everybody. Because of that, we have created a specific training space called Finances for ants, in which our funny pet, the ant Len, will explain you different financial aspects. Always under the premise: “finances for non financers”. We also offer very interesting information via our blog, where we´ll publish both articles written by us and others that are written by expert guests and belonging to different fields. We firmly think that the best investor is the informed one, and that the major problem isn´t the risk itself but the lack of information of those people investing instead.



We are committed to provide all the users of Socilen with the same opportunities. The granting or not of loans and the levels of solvency are based on objective criteria, whether if they are automatic scoring logarithms or analysis carried out by external companies. All the loans will be given with the same relevance and publicity, and all the investors will have the same investment conditions.


Socilen as an entity and its employees are committed to safeguard the confidentiality of all the information provided by the users and to comply with the regulation of the LOCP.


We are committed to offer the information in a clear way so the Socilen users can make their choices conveniently. Without hidden clauses or commissions.



Socilen has the safest security standards. To guarantee it, we only let withdraw money to current accounts when we have successfully checked the user´s ownership. Therefore, in case that someone steals your passwords, you don´t need to worry since they won´t be able to pass your money to another account belonging to another owner.