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Types of real estate projects

Real estate investments can be of 3 types

Purchase, reform and sale

Projects consist of buying a property, reforming it properly and selling it.

The profits generated by the operation are distributed among the investors.

Therefore, the profitability and term of the project are estimated, and are linked to the sale of the property.


You buy a property to later put it up for rent.

The net income generated by the rental is distributed among the investors.

The property will be sold at the most opportune moment, with the aim of maximizing its profitability. The profits generated by said sale are distributed.

Fixed Rate

In this case, and unlike other types of real estate projects, the interest is not linked to the real profitability of the property, but a fixed interest is paid regardless of the result of the investment.

How Real Estate Crowdfunding works

Invest in a property

Obtain shares in real estate projects with great potential.


Receive the return on your investment

Your investment generates income, either by renting the property, its sale, or interest.


Withdraw the money to your account or reinvest it

You can withdraw the money to your bank account or reinvest it to generate more returns.

0% no commissions for the investor

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